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Introducing Genesis Bot – Your Instant and Rug-Free Token Deployer.

Create, launch, and manage tokens with our Telegram Bot in under a minute. Powered by $GEN.

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How to works?



Input your token ideas through the bot commands.


Carefully check the parameters and launch your token.


Securely manage and watch your token fly.

Our Solutions

Genesis Bot Features

Let's dive into the features that let any user to securely create and launch a token in less than one minute:

Fully customizable

Users have the freedom to customize various aspects of their tokens, including token name, symbol, total supply, tax, airdrops, revenue share, and more. You will have full control over the management of your project.

Seamless deployment

Deploy smart contracts, add liquidity, and enable trading with just a few clicks. Gain a competitive advantage in speed because time is gold in crypto.

Built-in Security

Standardized process for secure LP lock and ownership renouncement. Investors have more confidence in a token which carries the tag “deployed by Genesisbot”.


Deploy new tokens with ease

Turn your brilliant ideas into the next 100x

Genesis Bot assists token creators with a seamless experience. No more hassles and zero coding experience needed.

  • No-code tokens creation.

  • Deploy, add liquidity and enable trading.

Manage your deployed tokens

Have full control of your tokens and watch your tokens fly

Genesis Bot support token creators with a clean UI to manage all your deployed tokens in one place.

  • Easily switch between your deployed tokens.

  • Remove wallet limits, update tax and adjust other parameters as necessary.

  • Lock Liquidity and renounce ownership.



$GEN Token

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $GEN

  • Buy/Sell Tax: 5% tax applied to each transaction of $GEN.

  • 1% added to liquidity pool.

  • 2% goes to token holders.

  • 2% goes to partnerships and marketing.

  • Revenue Share from $GEN Trading Volumes: every time someone trades $GEN, 2% of the transaction volume is distributed among $GEN holders who hold a certain amount of $GEN, paid out in ETH.

  • Revenue Share from tokens launched through Genesis Bot: we charge a 0.3% tax on the buys and sells of tokens deployed through our Bot (0.2% goes to token holders, 0.1% goes to development fund).

  • Referral Program: If you hold at least 100K $GEN and refer someone to Genesis Bot, you'll receive 10% of the total revenue we make on each token they deploy through the bot.



Supply Added to Liquidity (85%)


Team (5%)


CEX listings (5%)


Advisors (3%)


Airdrop (2%)

  • Team: linear vestin for 12 months.

  • Advisors: 10% TGE, linear vesting for 12 months.

Technical Roadmap

Q3, 2023

  • $GEN Launch
  • MVP Release
  • Revenue Sharing Program
  • Referral Program
  • Partnerships
  • Alpha Launchpad

Q4, 2023

  • More chains added
  • Partnerships
  • Improve dashboard for token management
  • Premium Features
  • Security Audits

Q1, 2024

  • More chains added
  • NFT launching service
  • Cross-Platform Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

Is the bot free to access? Is the bot free to access?

While the bot can be accessed and token customization is free, a 0.3% trading tax is applied for each transaction on each token you launch in perpetual.

Is the bot free to access? Do I need to generate a new wallet to launch a token?

No, in order to launch a token you can also import your existing wallet. Nevertheless, you can generate a new wallet inside Genesis Bot as well.

Is the bot free to access? Is it secure to use the bot?

While the team has certain control over the creation process, once the token is launched you will always get to transfer the ownership to an external non-custodial wallet, or renounce ownership completely.

Is the bot free to access? How high are the gas fees and who covers it?

Gas fees are not in our control and depend on the network busyness of Ethereum at a certain point of time. The fee will be covered by the creator of the token launched.

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